About Us

MegaPOS Team
We are a team of professionals who share the same passion to bring maximum productivity gain to merchants through digitalisation. Food tech is what we love. We believe firmly in using technology to create POS system products, tackle the operational challenge and propel business growth.

What We Do
Over the years we have been fortunate enough to work with tens of thousands of merchants in Singapore and regional countries. The relationship between us is less like a typical vendor-customer type, but more like close business partners. In addition we count on each other, teach and learn from each other. We also learn a great deal from our merchants about how they want to use technology to grow their business. Every time when we win an opportunity, our team makes sure to fulfill our commitment so this relationship continues.

We have come a long way since the start and our merchants have made MegaPOS™ now Singapore’s leading POS system. Our solutions are constantly listed under the pre-approved category by numerous government subsidy and grant schemes. These schemes have stringent requirements to fulfill before we can get our POS system solution listed. We also pride ourselves on being able to work closely with the world’s leading hardware makers like HP and Apple. They produce the highest quality pos system and peripherals. With such a great lineup of customers, suppliers, and our own team members, we do enjoy building products daily that digitalise operations, retain members and grow revenue.

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Tel: (65) 6224 5788
Email: sales@megasafe.com.sg

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