About Us

Developed locally since year 2005, MegaPOS™ is now Singapore’s leading POS System. MegaPOS™ POS solutions are specially designed and engineered for different industries, including FNB, Retail, Wellness (Spa and Salons), and other businesses that have cashiering requirements. We aimed to help businesses to boost their productivity, manage their revenue and regulate their operations.

Being a specialist in POS System, our solutions suit most kind of businesses. Whether you are running an F&B, Retail or Leisure & Wellness businesses, you will find MegaPOS™ fits into your operation seamlessly and positive results are awaiting to be reaped!

MegaPOS™ is managed by a full diverse team with different specialization in IT knowledge and skills aim to assist you in your daily operation. We provides all range of services while deploying the POS system from IT consultancy, software training to technical assistance. With our professional in this regard, you can be assured.

With our extended knowledge and skills we are offering fully tailor-made POS with our utmost sincerity and positive attitude, we believe will bring great benefits to you.

Feel free to call us for a non-obligation  free demo in our showroom today!

Tel: (65) 6224 5788
Email: info@megasafe.com.sg

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