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August 5, 2014

For premium tea supplier Royal One, the implementation of a POS system has enabled the company to capture sales figures for over 3,000 types of beverage combinations, track the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns and even launch a loyalty programme.

Royal One is the franchisor of the Gong Cha brand of takeaway teas. ‘The POS system is very important to us,’ said business operations director Goh Chee Cheng. ‘It captures our 66 product categories, and if you include various combinations of add-ons, we have over 3,000 combinations of beverages,’ he says.

From a marketing perspective, the reports also enable Royal One to correlate sales of a particular product with its campaigns, to find out how effective a particular promotion has been.

Implemented by IT vendor MegaSafe Technology, the POS system also comes with a database which allows Royal One to capture customer information for its loyalty programme. After customers have signed up to the programme, the system automatically gives them a discount for their subsequent purchases. Going forward, it could also potentially allow Royal One to introduce a rewards system for loyal customers, according to Mr Goh.

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