• 4 Restaurant Marketing Techniques to reach Millennials

    14 July, 2020

    According to a study by BCG, millennials have ranked “dining out” as one of the top items they are most

  • Why your business needs self order kiosks?

    26 March, 2020

    In 2004, self order kiosks were introduced in Singapore, pioneered by MacDonalds and Golden Village cinemas. From then on, it

  • The importance of POS mobility

    28 February, 2020

    “How do I improve customer satisfaction and remain competitive against e-commerce and other similar businesses?” This question has always been

  • Why is a cloud based backend so important?

    21 February, 2020

    With the level of internet connectivity nowadays, it is not surprising that cloud-based solutions are becoming increasingly popular. You see

  • How Technology Changed the F&B Industry – Being future ready

    14 February, 2020

    With constant technological advancements, many businesses are incorporating technology to improve their productivity and cut down on running costs. The

  • Notice: Taking care of yourselves as Coronavirus develops

    30 January, 2020

    As we all know now the Coronavirus which has caused Wuhan, China, to be closed off, denying anyone from entering

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