• Customer is still the key to success

    4 October, 2018

      In today‚Äôs digital age, technology becomes a staple in business growth. Companies look for rapid technology upgrade in their

  • How to utilise SGQR as a merchant?

    2 October, 2018

      Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) finally launched the long waited SGQR on September 17, 2018. SGQR is a unified

  • The Rise of Wearable Technology

    11 September, 2018

      Wearable Technology has become a buzzword among marketers, early-adopters and well-being experts. While it is still not commonly seen

  • Getting Started in Retail Business

    31 August, 2018

      In the previous post, we talked about how to open a new F&B business in Singapore. In this post,

  • Natural Language Processing for consumer-based businesses

    24 August, 2018

      The application of new technologies such as Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning help mine the huge volume of

  • Smart Work Centres (SWC) to Benefit Your Growing Business

    20 August, 2018

      Co-working spaces are professional work facilities shared by individuals from different companies, which provide an office environment, without the

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