• MegaPOS™ Team Who are we?

    We are a group of young and professional IT geeks who have created MegaPOS solutions and provided them to local businesses for 10 years and still counting. We are fun loving people and dedicated to provide the best solutions and services to our respectful clients from all walks of life. When it comes to work we are serious and professional, happily sharing every bit of experience we earned from what we have been doing.

  • Why should I choose MegaPOS™ over others?

    Our clients are our priority. When we built our first version of MegaPOS, we studied hundreds of business cases and simulated every step of our clients’ business flow to make sure every version is our product image and our goal solutions to get in the latest technology and methods to improve.

  • Do MegaPOS™ customize your solution to suit my needs?

    If your business is really special and you couldn’t find any right solutions under our solution page, do give us a call and our consultants can provide some suggestions. We also have engineer team which can help you to find the best solution to suit your needs.

  • How much does a MegaPOS™ System Cost?

    Like buying a house, it will depends on what do you want. What features do you need? How much work do you want to do to get it ready to live in? The more features you want, the more your POS system will cost. All prices of our POS products are onetime payment with no hidden fees.

  • How can I get a demo of a MegaPOS™ system?

    Just drop us a mail or contact us at 6224 5788. We could  arrange the FREE product demo in our office showroom or your place!

  • What if my employees have very little computer knowledge? How complicated is it to teach them to operate a computerized MegaPOS™ System?

    Learning the basics of a POS system is actually easier than learning to use a cash register, because the system is for forgiving and more intuitive. If someone makes a mistake, it’s much easier to correct that mistake on a point of sale system, plus training will be provided by us.

  • Is my store too small to benefit from a MegaPOS™ system?

    More than likely, you can’t afford not to have a point of sale system. Today’s POS systems come in all sizes and are designed to fit businesses of any size.

  • How can a MegaPOS™ system help me run my business more efficiently?

    POS system makes you more efficient by allowing you to provide better customer service which in turn provides greater profits as more, happy customers return to your business to spend more money.

  • Do we have to sign up for a support contract?

    Once you have purchased our POS system, a free maintenance support for the first year will be provided. For the following year, you can choose whether to continue signing up for the maintenance package on a yearly basis.

  • How fast can we deliver and set up?

    Our standard delivery lead time is 2-3 weeks upon confirmation. For any special order/request, lead time to be advice.

  • Is there any training provided?

    Yes, training session will be provided with any POS package purchases.

  • What are the government grants available?

    Currently there are 3 grants: IPG (IDA), ICV (Spring Singapore) and PIC (IRAS)

  • Do we provide Link up service Of Tenant Sales to Mall Management?

    Yes, this is a free service provided with POS package purchases. However, our service does not include any cabling or devices for linking.

  • What Does A Standard MegaPOS™ Packages Include?

    A standard MegaPOS package comes with a touch/non-touch screen terminal, receipt printer, cash drawer, setting up of POS system, delivery, and training will be provided.

  • How many types of MegaPOS™ system you offer?

    We have three major types: F&B, Retail and Wellness & Leisure. You may refer to solution page for more info.

Need help?

To request for immediate technical assistance, please contact our hotline at: 6224 5788 or email to:

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