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  • Mobile Payment

    6 April, 2018

    Riding on the trends of technological advancement and high levels of consumer spending, mobile payment has gained a lot of

  • Productivity Solutions Grant

    4 April, 2018

    The government has recently announced the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), an initiative providing aid for businesses that utilise IT solutions

  • The fastest-growing ways to pay

    31 August, 2017

      There’s no doubt that the global market for mobile payments is hot. Nearly 5 billion people worldwide use smartphones,

  • Restaurants Add Free Wi-Fi to the Menu

    8 May, 2015

    Free Wi-Fi isn’t just for hotel guests anymore.  Restaurant operators are increasingly adding the amenity in an effort to satisfy

  • How iPad Ordering Changes the Way Diners Tip

    According to a new study, consumers prefer iPad tipping the most in casual restaurants, compared to fine-dining and even quick-service

  • Point-of-sale terminals in Singapore

    Point-of-sale terminals (per 100;000 adults) in Singapore was last measured at 1886.56 in 2009, according to the World Bank. Point-of-sale

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