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  • How an Efficient POS Solution Boost Restaurant Productivity

    20 September, 2018

      1.Avoid communication error between staffs. An effective Service Crew System (SCS) can manage orders from start to end. Customer’s

  • Different e-payment modes integrated by end-2018

    18 September, 2018

      Customers will be able to use 20 payment schemes, which includes CEPAS transport cards such as EZ-Link, concession cards,

  • SSD or HDD? Which is better for you?

    15 September, 2018

    Image source:   By Tony Wen   Solid state drive(SSD) has been quickly showing up on most branded laptops and

  • Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP)

    13 September, 2018

        What is Inclusive Growth Programme (IGP)? Managed by e2i (Employment and Employability Institute), aims to help companies kick-start

  • The Rise of Wearable Technology

    11 September, 2018

      Wearable Technology has become a buzzword among marketers, early-adopters and well-being experts. While it is still not commonly seen

  • How Big Data Benefit SMEs?

    6 September, 2018

      What is Big Data? Business News Daily defines it as “The massive amount of information businesses collect from online

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