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MegaPOS Inventory Management Module

Product Highlight

MegaPOS Inventory Management Module is a real-time Inventory control module that interfaced with all other MegaPOS module to provide business user a comprehensive view of their warehousing operations. The Module contains a real time view of transactions and inventory levels for all products within the system.

What it can do

  • Provides a variable report between physical counts and system record
  • Alert features for topping up inventory when stock runs low
  • Barcode tracking and batch inventory pricing adjustment
  • Easy import and export of inventory data from system
  • Promote operational efficiency

Why i need this

  • To make inventory administrative work more systematic and smoother
  • Improvement in productivity
  • Reduces manual recording, tracking and reporting of inventory
  • Helps business user to obtain customer satisfaction and royalty by maintaining an optimum inventory level
  • Improves inventory exchange and inventory return
  • Improves customer shopping experience

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