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MegaPOS Kiosk Q-Ticketing

Product Highlight

MegaPOS Kiosk Q-Ticketing is a queue management system developed to replace manual Q-Ticketing that requires manpower to standby at the ticketing counter at all time to help customer booking a queue and assigning a table.

What it can do

  • Enables customers to self-generate and collect queue number
  • Links the queue data from customer to operator’s backend system
  • Provides real time graphical display of the queue allocation and table availability
  • Cut down time to record and assign queue
  • Reduces manpower and paper cost in the long run

Why i need this

  • To assign table according to the pax number of customers
  • To improve waiting time and service level
  • Requires minimum input from the manpower
  • Reduces human error on table assigning
  • Increases the table turn-over rate and customer satisfaction
  • Enhances service level and efficiency

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