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MegaPOS Rebate Software

Product Highlight

MegaPOS Rebate Software is a dynamic royalty program which allows you to give discount or cash voucher to your customers based on their previous purchase. This allows the customers to be rewarded with items that are more in line with their desire or needs.

What it can do

  • Churn purchases to redeemable value
  • Link purchases with redemption system
  • Provide redeem value instantly upon purchasing
  • Reduce the time it takes to process rebates and pull reports
  • Use one system for everything – no more dealing with disconnected databases and spreadsheets
  • Go paperless – save money and help the environment

Why i need this

  • To eliminate headaches in calculating and tracking customer rebates
  • To helps organizations centralize and manage rebate programs
  • To simplify the process of handling rebates
  • Recognize, reward, and retain your customers

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