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MegaPOS Reporting Module

Product Highlight

MegaPOS Reporting Module is a platform that presents varies type of critical operational information, which gathered through MegaPOS basic software such as MegaPOS F&B, MegaPOS Retail & MegaPOS Wellness & Leisure, in order to make business user well informed of the timely operational status and result.

What it can do

  • Provides a diverse insight of the operational data
  • Enables business operator to detect bottlenecks and deal before they turn into a problem
  • Identify the potential growth area
  • Fast access to relevant data such as sales, customers, staffs etc
  • Empowers the user to make timely operational decision

Why i need this

  • To understand customer purchase behavior and spending pattern
  • Knowing staff’s participation and contribution level
  • Assist business user to make accurate and timely decision
  • Business user will be more prepared and well plan for the future

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