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Cafe, Bakery, Quick Service


Cafes, Bakery & Quick Service face challenge to provide a friendly and comfortable atmosphere where customer can receive a high standard of food quality and service. Their businesses are fast paced attracting a high volume of customers’ transactions per day. We value each customer as they have the potential to re-visit by satisfying them.

Solution Benefits

  • User friendly interface with bi-lingual function
  • Providing operational solution in a faster term
  • Report and keep tracking of the food pricing
  • Quick ordering with tag number implementation
  • Records all transaction since day one


  • Hold and recall transaction in facing high volume customer
  • Detailed or summarized menu item sales analysis
  • Simple method for doing payment
  • Friendly user interface ordering with back-to-back orders
  • Report/audit trail tracking sales and users transaction

Solution Highlight

MegaPOS Café, Bakery & Quick Service system solution is specialized in fast and efficient ordering exclusively for food and beverage management. We provide operational solution for giving quality and efficient service in handling high volume of customer per day.

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