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Canteen, Food Court


Canteen and food court often faced intense business environment with very high sales turnover within a limited duration. Limited staffing and speed are their main concern to generate more sales. They urged for a reliable and robust solution to handle daily rapid operation.

Solution benefits

  • Easy to operate cashiering system
  • User friendly interface required less training and easy adoption
  • Features helps to reduce mistakes and products up-selling
  • Reliable machine helps to handle overwhelming sales transaction smoothly
  • Multi level access right control for better security control


  • Short-cuts button for billing
  • Images upload capability and bi-lingual interface
  • Simple navigation for add-on, cancel or payment methods
  • Industrial grade hardware cater for long hour operation and hectic environment
  • Audit trail reports let management have a better insight on business and control

Solution highlights

MegaPOS canteen/food court solution allows you to grab sales in a fast and steady manner. With MegaPOS F&B solution guarantees smooth and seamless operation to get higher sales turnover. It provides detailed comprehensive data analytics tool to gain customer insight, promote brand & products, in order to make better pricing decisions.

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