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In general, full service restaurant faced tough challenges in operational improvements such as constraint of staffing issues to handle daily operations and customer service. Also, full service restaurant faced high competition from other restaurants, struggle on how to stand out from others with different themes and promotions.

Solution benefits

  • Easily operated system requires less training
  • Automated promotion helps to up-sell products
  • Improved operation process and staff productivity
  • Better business planning helps to improve sales result and reduces cost
  • Multi level access right control for better security control


  • Table management system
  • Dynamic promotion module
  • Highly customizable menu configuration
  • User oriented and intuitive interface
  • Detailed sales reporting module helps to gain insight on your business
  • Audit trail reports let management have a better insight on business and control

Solution highlights

MegaPOS full service restaurant solution offers user friendly interface and automated features help to save time and boost operational efficiency and productivity, regardless of multiple threats imposed by general environment.

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