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Gym, Club, and Enrichment School


Keeping track of member’s information and their course purchases are always a big concern for the operators. Operators are looking at ways to allow course redemption to be done systematically to prevent any customer dissatisfaction.

Solution Benefits

  • Maintain good relationship with customer
  • Improve accuracy in service redemption
  • Improve in operation efficiency


  • Standard set of off –the-shelf software and hardware
  • Comprehensive report module
  • Reliable hardware from branded manufacturers
  • Advanced add-on module and accessories available

Solution Highlights

MegaPOS offers solution that allow operator to track information such as how often the member visit the facility and what services they have engaged. It ensures all members in the system are accounted and able to classify the member into different groups. Member’s image upload is available in our solution. This function helps employees to verify member’s identity.

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