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Order By Staff


F&B industry in Singapore is facing the toughest challenge ever with the increment of foreign worker levies as well as limited local workforce who willing to work in the industry. Human mistakes and fraud also threaten the industry further and affecting their profits. Customer service quality is also an important aim for service industry.

Solution benefits

  • Less manpower required on floor
  • Faster turnover due to time saving in ordering and serving
  • Less communication breakdown or gap between customer and service crew
  • Features helps to reduce mistakes and products up-selling
  • No additional training required for this solution


  • Similar interface as POS
  • One button sending orders from ordering devices
  • Immediate amendment on ordering devices
  • Handle more customers at one go

Solution highlights

MegaPOS order-by-staff solution provides a powerful tool to success in businesses especially in urban F&B environment. Help SMEs to reduce staffing cost, improve productivity, better resources planning and enhance customer service.

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