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High employees turnover and inventory control are the significant issues faced by many salon operators. They have difficulty retaining capable employees which greatly affecting their operation. Inventory movement across chain shops is highly challenging to cope. Operators are looking for ways to overcome these difficulties so as to improve on their productivity and efficiency maintaining the chain stores.

Solution Benefits

  • Improved efficiency in inventory control across multiple outlets
  • Monitoring employees’ performance
  • Better control in staff movement
  • Maintain good relationship with customer
  • Increase profitability
  • Better communication across chain outlets


  • Standard set of off –the-shelf software and hardware
  • Comprehensive report module
  • Reliable hardware from branded manufacturers
  • Advanced add-on module and accessories available

Solution Highlights

MegaPOS offers solution for chain operation and administrative requirements. Comprehensive report module allows operators to monitor employees’ performance and working schedule. With the aid of related solution, Intelligent Backoffice Engine (IBE) eases the job for the administrative staff in inventory control across the chain stores.

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