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Self Service Kiosk


In today fierce competitive environment, business owner striving for a better game plan find themselves facing difficulties in maximizing profit margin due to continuously increase of labour cost, low operating efficiency, hardship in recruiting, training and managing manpower.

Solution benefits

  • Reduce labour dependency
  • Fasten transaction speed
  • Improve information transmission quality
  • Automate and enhance the queue ticketing management
  • Maximize sales during peak period
  • Free up staff from data processing so that they can attend to more service oriented issue
  • Engage and impress customer through automated self-queue ticketing, ordering and payment experience


  • Easy to use, just tap on the pictures or simple indicators
  • Fast and minimum steps to complete a transaction
  • Add-on marketing channel
  • Multi-language display
  • Secure & reliable hardware & software

Solution highlights

MegaPOS Kiosk solution is professionally designed to cater for self-ticketing, self-ordering, and self-payment for hospitality and retail industries. The self-service solution free up manpower as it is required no staff attendance while being used by customers. The solution helps business owner to ease the situation of labour shortage and in the same time reduces labour cost. MegaPOS Kiosk solution stretches the operating efficiency to the fullest since it allows end customer to communicate direct to the system, without going through staff as the information transferor, which reduces error in information transmission.  It therefore cultivates a sustainable cost-effective operating environment.

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