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Spa, Slimming Centre, Mani and Pedi


An increasing number of consumers indulge in the services of spa in a bid to look and feel good. Maintaining good relationship and finding ways to make them as regular customer is very important. In addition, operators have difficulties to maintain and keep good employees for their operation.

Solution Benefits

  • Improved on employee’s schedule planning
  • Maintain good relationship with customer
  • Increased profitability


  • Standard set of off –the-shelf software and hardware
  • Comprehensive report module
  • Reliable hardware from branded manufacturers
  • Advanced add-on module and accessories available

Solution Highlights

MegaPOS offers solution for Spa operation and administrative requirements. Operators are able to monitor consumers’ purchase behavior, which allow them to come out with special promotion to retain the customer. Returning customer redeeming their purchase package can be done in just a few clicks. The solution also helps to keep track of employee’s working schedules and incentives, which help to improve on administrative productivity. Additional module such as the appointment management helps operator to fix schedule so as to accommodate customer and employee’s availability.

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