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Inventory management is always a great challenge for all supermarket operators. Checking and replenishing of stocks are time-consuming, which deeply affect operation’s efficiency. Operators are looking for ways to solve these issues.

Solutions Benefits

  • Improve efficiency in inventory management
  • The ability to meet customer’s demand
  • Increase profitability


  • Standard set of off –the-shelf software and hardware
  • Comprehensive report module
  • Reliable hardware from branded manufacturers
  • Advanced add-on module and accessories available

Solutions Highlight

MegaPOS offers solution for supermarket operation and inventory management. Inventory report allows employees to monitor the stock movement and replenishment. It also decreases the risk of losing sales where customer turns to competitors for purchases. Additional products such as barcode scanner and stock-take device increase employees’ efficiency in checking on-hand stock, which help to ease their workloads.

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