• Restaurant POS 

    Order by the table. Handle kitchen orders on iPads. Manage your menu and promotions with ease. Use modern technology to optimise your operation and increase your revenue.

  • Rich POS Features To Run Your Operations

  • Stylish And Reliable Hardware

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  • Audit Trail Logs

    Key actions such as void, discount, refund are recorded in audit trail, leaving you a peace of mind for what users have done on the POS.

  • Business Intelligent Reports

    Intelligence reports will help you to improve your business and profit margin all in real-time.

  • Ingredients Consumption

    Compute the total consumption of raw ingredients from your recipe.

  • iPad Ordering

    Table-side ordering cuts down food serving time by 3 to 5 minutes, and up to 12 to 15 minutes together with Kitchen Display System.

  • Kitchen Tech

    Deploy best available pos technology to build your efficient kitchen, save time and reduce material waste.

  • Managing Multiple Outlets*

    Ready to scale up when you expand. MegaPOS is designed to manage your multiple locations with ease.

  • Kitchen Display Tablet(KDT)

    MegaPOS KDT displays all incoming orders on tablets for much better visualization and control.

  • Customer Database Manager

    Organise and keep track every customer’s particulars and purchase history.

  • Alway using their pos for our restaurants . Thumb up for their service & their pos system ?

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Grow Your Restaurant Business With MegaPOS
  • 1

    Lower TCO, Future Ready

    MegaPOS offers best value with abundant features built on latest technology. It works round the clock without the hefty monthly subscription fees.

  • 2

    Grow Your Topline

    Data driven, customer centric and ready to scale. MegaPOS digitalises your business to boost up your operation efficiency, so you can focus to sell more.

  • 3

    Cut Down Cost

    Bring wastage and excess manpower down to minimum by using data analytics. Prevent and preclude employee cheating. MegaPOS protects your bottom line.

  • 4

    System Reliability

    Getting a MegaPOS System is a protection of investment. Our team practices stringent QC control on every hardware and software.

  • 5

    Dedicated Support

    MegaPOS support team is friendly, knowledgeable and always ready to help. We employ efficient support tools and methodology for quick response and resolution.

  • 6

    Effortless Maintenance

    Whether single or multiple locations, maintenance tasks such as price update, creating new users and promotions are easy to carry out for timely execution.

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