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Only 1 in 4 Singapore think foreign workers are necessary

December 26, 2019

According to the latest findings by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and United Nations Women, positive attitudes towards migrant workers have declined in Asian countries like Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.


Data from the research shows that only 1 in 4 Singaporeans feel that there is a need for foreign workers even though 7 of 10 acknowledge the shortage of manpower.


Tightening Foreign Worker Quotas

According to Straits Times, the Singapore government will be reducing the proportion of foreign workers companies can employ from 40% to 38% on 1st Jan next year, and to 35% on 1st Jan 2021.


This forces companies in the service sectors to rely less on foreign workers and become even more productive


How can businesses in service sectors increase productivity

With these policies in place and a declining positive attitude towards foreign workers, it is high time to adopt technologies which increases productivity and reduce dependency on manpower. 


Retail, F&B and SPA owners can turn to adopt an effective and reliable POS solution, like MegaPOS, to increase productivity. Equipped with comprehensive features, an effective POS frees up manpower for more important areas of the business, like customer service, by decreasing the time taken up from operation management.


Moving in the government’s direction

Singapore’s government recognises that taking up the technology to increase productivity will incur an initial cost to businesses. Hence, the launch of Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), a subsidy which aims to help businesses take up productivity-increasing technology to tackle manpower shortages. 


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