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4 Restaurant Marketing Techniques to reach Millennials

July 14, 2020

According to a study by BCG, millennials have ranked “dining out” as one of the top items they are most willing to spend money on. If that is not enough reason for you to start focusing on millennials for your restaurant marketing, millennials are a technologically savvy generation with huge spending power.


Restaurant marketing to target millennials

Social Media Marketing

Most millennials are on social media, spend a lot of time on it daily, and their buying habits are largely motivated by social media. Therefore, social media is the most effective way to get your restaurant in front of this demographic.


Keeping in touch

Get started on an email marketing campaign. Keep in mind that even though you are blasting out your emails, have some personalisation to them. Millennials do not respond well to emails that feel like generic email blasts.


Most millennials access their emails with their smartphones. Thus, you should ensure that your emails are mobile friendly. 


Invest in technology

Millennials avoid restaurants with long queues. Consider investing in self order kiosks, QR code ordering or even online ordering to ease the queues in your restaurant, and make it easy for millennials to order from you. Even when they are not dining in.


As we all know, online food ordering for delivery and self-pickup is a popular choice now. 


Offer an experience

Other than the food, millennials choose to dine in because of the environment and experience. Creating a unique dining experience for your customers will keep them coming back or even recommend your restaurant to others.

Now you have some tips for marketing your restaurant to millennials, implement them in your marketing plan will most likely help you see an increase in revenue. 


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