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Why your business needs self order kiosks?

March 26, 2020

In 2004, self order kiosks were introduced in Singapore, pioneered by MacDonalds and Golden Village cinemas. From then on, it has been an upward trend for the popularity of self order kiosks.


What drove the rapid incorporation of self ordering kiosks in the food and beverage industry? Below are some of the key factors.


Faster service

Customers these days take convenience and efficiency as high priority, therefore they will shy away from long queues in shops and use self ordering kiosks instead. According to a study by Appetize, service times were reduced by 60 seconds on average, and order taking time was reduced by 40%. 


Increased customer satisfaction

In the age of digitalization and millennials, customers find it more comfortable to order from self order kiosks instead of having interaction with service staff. Furthermore, self order kiosks do not have emotions, so service standards in your business can be standardized.


Increased order size

A self order kiosk will never forget to upsell or show the latest promotion. This results in customers buying add ons which they never knew they wanted. Appetizing images on the self order kiosks digital menu will attract customers to order more as well.


These are just some the ways self ordering kiosks boost order size, and increase revenue.


Instant menu updates and cost savings

The digitalized menu on self service kiosks are updated in real time. Which means any new menu items or promotions you add will be instantly available to customers. This also saves you menu reprinting costs and time.


Getting a self order kiosk for your restaurant

Implementing new technology in your business might incur initial start up costs. Therefore, government subsidies are available for MegaPOS self order kiosks, so that it is easier for you to incorporate revenue and efficiency boosting solutions into your business. Contact us at (+65) 6224 5788 or drop us a request to find out more below.

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