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Why is a cloud based backend so important?

February 21, 2020

With the level of internet connectivity nowadays, it is not surprising that cloud-based solutions are becoming increasingly popular. You see more media coverage on cloud computing or cloud capability when you open your newspaper’s IT section. Now that you are looking for a POS and wondering, is it so important for my POS to be cloud-enabled? And what are the benefits of having such solutions? 



What is a cloud POS solution?

A cloud POS, in simple terms, is a point-of-sale that has two-way data synchronisation and communication with cloud servers via the internet, often on a real-time basis that allows owners and management staff to view sales and perform back-office related tasks outside of the shops. Basically the POS terminal, be it a Windows system or iOS tablet, exchanges data with a solution sitting on the cloud servers, which legacy POS system can’t do. Think of Google Documents, it saves a copy on your local computer as well as a copy on the cloud. Many benefits, such as the 4 we have listed below, are now possible for businesses to enjoy when they use a cloud POS.


Increased Mobility

An advantage of a cloud-based POS is that portable devices, such as iPads or Microsoft Surface Pro tablets can be used for the back of house tasks such as inventory management, menu setup and sales tracking either on or off the premise. MegaPOS cloud solution grants greater flexibility to businesses not only in terms of hardware mobility but also solution wise as we adopt a browser-based, meaning app-less approach for the cloud backend. 


Future Proofing

The integration of various third-party solutions such as Accounting, CRM, ERP, Inventory and etc that are also cloud-based, can be done in a much more efficient and reliable way. Legacy POS has limited room to play with integration and it should be finding itself difficult to keep up with the demand to integrate. Cloud solutions usually talk to each other using web APIs, a set of pre-defined codes that can be shared among solutions. MegaPOS Cloud backend solution gives you the flexibility of integrating multiple well-known solutions through our APIs, and hence future-proofing your IT investment.



Data Security

With real-time syncing and encryption of data to and from servers, users can have peace of mind that in the unfortunate event of power outages,  break down of hardware, or virus attacks, important data are not lost. When a copy of data is stored safely on SSL-encrypted cloud servers, there is no disruption to your business continuity if you have a real-time synchronisation. 


Business Analysis

While your business is generating all kinds of data through every sales transaction and the ongoing interactions with customers, there is an urging need to turn all this data into useful information and quantifiable values via tools like dashboards and reports in a timely manner.  E.g. you may wish to know which ingredients are costing you the most, and which ones are rotting at a corner in your fridge. With cloud server communication, MegaPOS Cloud can provide recipe and inventory management, a powerful tool that generates real-time material consumption reports from all of your outlets. It empowers you to control cost a lot more effectively while providing a crystal clear view of your shop performance, all to help place you ahead of the competition.


In Conclusion

Cloud-based POS is a way of giving your business the capability it needs to adapt to the ever-changing business environment. Thinking of adopting a cloud-based POS solution? Contact us at (+65) 6224 5788, or drop us a demo request on our website:

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