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Customer service is still the key to success

October 4, 2018


In today’s digital age, technology becomes a staple in business growth. Companies look for rapid technology upgrade in their business operations to achieve for higher growth.

Survey found Singapore middle-market companies to be focusing on operations rather than their customers’ needs in their deployment of technology. A larger percentage of respondents had placed improving process efficiencies as their main objective, ahead of improving customer experience.

However, bad customer service has far more severe repercussions. Those companies who achieved success through technology did not just do it for the sake of operational upgrade, but to consider the interest of customers. Technology can only be successfully implemented when it is adopted by the customer.

For example, adopting an efficient POS solution in restaurants should be able to help your business to shorten customer waiting time, minimise communication mistakes and improve dining experience. So that front staffs can better focus on their service standards and kitchen staffs can focus on preparing better food.

Ultimately, technology should be used to accommodate for better customer service.



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