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How an Efficient POS Solution Boost Restaurant Productivity

September 20, 2018


1.Avoid communication error between staffs.

An effective Service Crew System (SCS) can manage orders from start to end. Customer’s orders can be recorded clearly. The kitchen staffs can still get the order clearly even during peak hours.


2.Minimise handling time

With adopting a smart mobile ordering system, staff can reduce their time to run back and forth between customers and the main POS. The design of the ordering application is also able to minimise hand movement and page transitions for fast and smooth use.


3.Reduce Human Error

A smart Kitchen Display System (KDS) can help kitchen staff to manage orders clearly. No more missing orders and forgetting about special request! The front staff can also benefit from the clear picture display, minimising errors. The bilingual system is there for local restaurants if their menus will be clearer in a second language.


4.More effort for customer service

With all the work taken up by smart POS solution, staffs can have more focus on customer service. This is as important as food for F&B business operation as good service is key to secure loyal customers.

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