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Exciting new solution by MegaPOS – Beauty and Wellness iPad Self Ordering

March 12, 2020

Running a business in the beauty and wellness industry is not an easy task. With the number of businesses offering similar services to their customers, it can be difficult to stand out among the others. Of course, the practices of some beauty and wellness businesses have given the industry a bad reputation.


We at MegaPOS recognised this major pain point in the beauty and wellness industry and came up with a product which will help you differentiate your business from the rest, through providing a unique experience to your customers and building trust


MegaPOS Beauty & Wellness Self Ordering App


What is it?

MegaPOS Beauty & Wellness self ordering app is an iPad based software which allows customers to place orders on their own.


Connect with trust

With the self ordering app, customers can view the whole platter of your services with transparent pricing. Allowing them to make more informed decisions about their purchase, thus building trust, and increasing order size.


Provide a homely comfortable experience

Customers can unwind and relax to their favourite movies and dramas on the iPads while having their treatment done.


Provide a tech savvy experience

First impressions are everything in a business. Other than beautifying the interior design of your shop, taking customers through a tech savvy experience through iPad self ordering is a definite way to leave a lasting first impression.


Start digitalizing your business today!

Make over your business process today through the iPad self ordering app. Contact us at (+65) 6224 5788, or drop us a request below today!

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