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How Technology Changed the F&B Industry – Being future ready

February 14, 2020

With constant technological advancements, many businesses are incorporating technology to improve their productivity and cut down on running costs. The food and beverage industry is not an exception. In this article, we will take a look at how technology has reshaped the F&B scene.



Self ordering solutions

Self ordering solutions are being used in almost every fast food and quick service F&B outlet, and are gaining traction in restaurants as well. Adopting these self ordering solutions have helped such outlets move their queues faster, at the same time providing much convenience to their customers. Thus, generating increased amounts of revenue.


automated kitchen


Automation of process

Automation is also up and coming in the F&B industry, with robots running the kitchen, clearing trays and serving dishes. Adopting such technology will help reduce the dependence on manpower and better control quality of food and service as human emotion is taken out of the equation. However such systems are costly to implement and robot servers lack the human touch. Therefore, F&B owners have to consider the nature of their business and the pros and cons of adopting an automation system.



Being future ready

At the rate of advancement of technology and the benefits these technologies can bring us, it is inevitable that most if not all businesses will incorporate the above two technologies. Especially self ordering systems. Therefore, it is important to purchase a point of sale (POS), the centre of your operations, that is future ready. 


What is future ready?

Being future ready does not mean that your POS has to come with all futuristic features. But it simply means that your POS or POS provider has to be able to upgrade or integrate your POS to new productivity increasing solutions.


How should you get started?

The best way to get started is to get in touch with a POS vendor which not only provide POS solutions, but also, additional solutions like self ordering and productivity increasing systems, making future integrations seamless. 


MegaPOS provides a wide array of such solutions, for example, kitchen management solutions, iPad ordering for staff and customers, and also, the up and coming QR Code Mobile ordering solutions, iMakan. Get in touch with us at (+65) 6224 5788, or drop us a demo request below to find out more!


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