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The importance of POS mobility

February 28, 2020

“How do I improve customer satisfaction and remain competitive against e-commerce and other similar businesses?” This question has always been lingering in any business owners minds.


One way of doing this is to upgrade your central operation system, the POS system, to a system that is able to offer, and seamlessly integrate mobile ordering devices. By equipping staff with mobile ordering devices, customers get to enjoy benefits like shorter queue times and better service standard. Both of which combined will give you increased sales.


Shorter Queue Times

Providing staff with tablets to assist with order taking in the queue allows customers to place orders while waiting for their turn. This will speed up the turnover rate as the time taken to order at the table has been eliminated. Pre-prepared food will take lesser time to serve. Thus, shortening queue times, preventing the loss of potential customers due to long waits.


Better Customer Experience

Having a mobile ordering device wielding staff will definitely boost customers satisfaction. Customer service oriented beauty and spa centres are the best examples of this. Many have adopted the concept of staff approaching their customers and helping them with their purchase with mobile ordering devices. 


Although this is mostly practised by spa and beauty businesses, it is gaining in popularity among F&B and retail businesses. With staff using mobile devices to assist customers with their purchases, it provides a more personalized experience for customers which is what many customers find important.


Increased Revenue

With personalized customer experience, you will see an increase in the number of customers patronizing your business, as this is what customers will not get to experience while shopping online. On top of that, The increased turnover rate achieved by taking customer’s orders in the queue, eliminates table ordering time, allowing you to accommodate more customers per hour than before. 

Therefore, having a good POS system which has mobility add ons like MegaPOS, is an investment which will generate you more revenue in the long run. 



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