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New iPhones, Apple Watch and iOS!

September 29, 2018


By Tony Wen


September is going to end on a high note after a series of conventional events, a new school term has started, another successful Singapore Grand Prix took place on Marina Bay Street Circuit where Lewis Hamilton clinched the race title for the fourth time in the Lion City, and yes not to forget Apple had their annual product launch in between.


I am not quite sure how many people are actually expecting new Apple devices after last year’s major launch of iPhoneX and Apple Watch with cellular. Fact is multiple lines have again formed outside the Apple Store along Orchard road the night before new products hit the store. Well, their wishes to have newer, bigger and better iPhone and Apple Watch was certainly granted, together with a much higher price too.


As an IT cum EDC geek, this year I feel that a nice reusable coffee cup that I first learnt from an Instagram ad and later bought at a cafe(@sttokeofficial), would excite me substantially more than this new iPhone at this price point. Maybe a gamer would not agree with me but I have plenty of people around me who are switching to Android phones like Huawei or Samsung.


Then why should we bother? Well, we care a lot, because we have many products running on iOS devices! iPad Ordering, iPad Kitchen Display, iPad Number Calling, iPhone Mobile Order, just to name a few. We want iOS devices to continue to thrive, to revolutionize the journey that we are helping SME to digitalize operations. We want reasonably priced commercial grade products too, the one that could take on the heat and grease in the kitchen with longer battery life. So far, we are very satisfied with the iPad.


One exciting thing Apple has brought out in this launch is the Apple Watch 4. Larger and sharper display, thinner case, and very much health oriented as it measures and monitors your heartbeat patterns. It makes people feel like an extension of our body, the digital part of it. We are finally learning our body easier and faster, with the right gadget that is claimed to have been re-designed to help promote good health by advocating active lifestyle and constant monitoring. Kudos to Apple!


What can MegaPOS do on such a great device? We don’t have any concrete plan yet but ideas are floating.


Feel free to write to me about your views! I can be reached at

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