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Notice: Taking care of yourselves as Coronavirus develops

January 30, 2020

As we all know now the Coronavirus which has caused Wuhan, China, to be closed off, denying anyone from entering and leaving the state, has been developing over the past few months and people around the world and in Singapore are on high alert.


How to prevent yourself from getting infected

Wash your hands regularly (especially before eating)

As a well-known fact, we should all wash our hands before eating or as and when they get dirty. However, not many know how to properly disinfect their hands, therefore this is a point worth highlighting. Refer to the infographic below for the 7 step handwash.


Wear a Mask

You should probably already know by now that the virus is airborne, and a good way to minimize the risk of getting infected by an airborne virus is by wearing a mask. Not just any fashion mask though, but a surgical mask. However, these masks can only be used once, and have to be disposed of after.

Avoid crowded areas if possible

Where there are people, there is a risk of human to human infection of any airborne viruses. In order to prevent that, try to avoid crowded and airconditioned places where viruses are most easily spread. 


MegaPOS Onsite Support

In order to do our part to ensure the health of our clients and staff, we will be limiting our onsite support to only the necessary circumstances. We will be providing efficient and quality support remotely through Teamviewer and over the phone. We hope for your kind understanding amidst the development of the Coronavirus situation. Stay safe and healthy! 


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