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Types of POS system

July 2, 2020

Every shop requires a POS system. It lets your customers make a purchase at your shop, handles taxes and extra charges automatically. POS systems these days have come a long way from the basic requirements of handling transactions and generating daily reports. 


A POS system is the center of operation for most shops. Which is why it is essential for you to know the different types in the market, to make a more informed decision on your POS purchase.


Terminal POS system

These are the ones you see at the cashier counter. Terminal POS systems are usually the most complete and sturdy. They are usually sold as an all in one solution that comes with cash drawers and receipt printers.


Their softwares are feature rich to help manage your operations. Essentially, becoming the center of your shop’s operations.


Tablet POS system

Tablet POS systems are recently gaining in popularity, especially with new businesses and smaller shops. They require the least upfront investment and you can often use a tablet you already own.


The features on tablet POS systems are most of the time, not as complete as its terminal counterpart. As your operation demands grow, you may want to consider upgrading to a terminal POS system to handle your operation.


Self service kiosk POS system

Remember the self service kiosks where you buy your bubble tea and MacDonalds from? These are actually a POS system as well. They are also gaining in popularity, with some shops even removing their cashier counter to be replaced with multiple self service kiosks.


The benefits of a self service kiosk are, lesser dependence on manpower, lets you open up more queue lines to reduce queuing time, and increases the average order sizes with add on suggestions. 


Need help with looking for a POS system for your business?

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